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Can back problems be avoided post C section?

Back problems following C-section is actually a myth. The backache is not owing to the procedure but may be attributed to the wrong posture during prolonged periods of breastfeeding, exhaustion or nutritional deficiency.
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How grave is the problem of having longer cycles of periods?

A normal menstrual cycle should be anywhere between 24-35 days. Any cycle beyond 35 days is not normal and needs to be evaluated.

Should ladies go for general check ups to their gynecologists, if yes how frequently?

Yes, as per guidelines of the American Society of Obstetrician and gynaecologists, the first visit should be at 13-15 years and breast examination from
19 years onwards. In India, the first visit should be around 13-15 years ideally. Otherwise, annual checkups starting from 21 years is advised.

What are the signs of PCOD and how to treat it?

The criteria to diagnose PCOD includes any 2 of the following 3
Signs of hyperandrogenism
Polycystic ovaries on ultrasound
To treat PCOS, a stepwise approach is adopted which comprises lifestyle modifications, medical &/surgical management.

What is the maximum age one can try to conceive ? Naturally or via IVF.

There is no upper limit beyond which you cannot conceive, naturally or IVF. Pregnancies have been seen in women even as old as 60 years.
Get yourself a fertility test to work up to know whether you should conceive sooner or you can wait.

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